Thank you

To everyone who came out to shop and visit!!

I had a great two days visiting with friends I had not seen in a while and meeting new people who stopped by.  Of course, cleaning out some of the overcrowded shelves was a huge bonus!

Thank you all for your support!

There are still some pieces left, so if you missed the event just get in touch and let me know what you want!

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I must share a story that makes me smile every time I think about it.  A few weeks ago, I decided it was time to clean out some drawers.  I have a rather large… ok, I can admit it – “junk drawer” in my kitchen, packed with a variety of useless STUFF – party, pics, candles. wine openers, corks…well, the wine opener is not useless…anyway, while purging, I came across a set of ceramic napkin rings with tassels that match my Classics collection, done for Giftcraft at least 8 years ago. “Time to let those go”, I thought.  I had yet to use them.  So I put them in the studio sale.

Somewhere around 2:00, on that ugly, rainy Saturday, an adorable young couple came through my door.  The woman greeted me with a huge smile and announced that she was so happy to meet me!  Of course, I hugged her immediately!  WOW!  A fan!!  They had driven all the way from Tampa on this nasty day to visit little old me and my studio – my first thought was, “uh oh… I hate to disappoint!”  They were hopeful that I could replace a broken piece from their Classics collection.  (One look at hubby explained that story).  Unfortunately, nothing from that collection is still available.  I immediately remembered the napkin rings from my cleaning session at home and could hardly wait to snatch them up and give them to her!  Her eyes welled up with tears as she broke out her phone to show me photos of how she sets a beautiful table with all the dishes.  It just made my day that I had those on hand to give to someone who really wanted and would use them!  Working as an artist in the commercial world I rarely get to meet anyone who enjoys the fruits of my labor, so thank you, Linsey and Travis for making the trip and for making my day!

Another highlight of my weekend was sending three dog beds off to a good home! These adorable puppies tried them out and decided they liked them!

Thank you Linda!

Linda Dogbed

Fritz dogbed

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Julie’s Table

Don’t you just love this darling little table?!  It reminds me of a similar one I have in desperate need of a make-over.  I am inspired, Julie!!


Julie had some great ideas to transform this table. She had a special place in her home for it, so she knew what she wanted and together we had some fun making it happen!


We used Amy Howard At Home One-Step in black, Selznick Grey and French Blue.  We then gave it a coat of clear wax, enhanced it here and there with dark wax then pounced in some Dust of Ages, just to show off the carved details.  Amazing transformation!

Julie & her table

I think she likes it!!

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Ersi’s Dream Make-over

I should say, “My dream make-over”!  This piece is so gorgeous just as it is.  Ersi knew it was time for a make-over (much against her husband’s better judgement),… and so it was. A woman of impeccable taste and cute as a button, I welcomed the opportunity to work with her.


Actually, she arrived for her open studio workshop with a car-full of projects and more energy than I could ever imagine fitting into a day, but we did!  Along with the beautiful, full sized piece of furniture, she carted in two decorative boxes, and two lamps!


We started on the drawers first with two coats of Amy Howard One Step Bauhaus Buff


Leaving just enough texture to add depth by showing off this beautifully carved detail.

2 two_coats

next the sides and front




Gorgeous dah-link!


and the dresser too!

Thank you Ersi!  What a privilege and joy it has been working with you on your projects.

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Sandra, Robby…

and their chairs!

“What in the world are we going to do with those?!” I asked my husband when he proudly marched them into the studio after one of his garage-sale excursions.  Explanation was, they were such a good deal they were practically giving them away so he couldn’t resist.  ahem… they should have given them away…maybe even paid someone to take them away!  They looked as if a dog had chewed on them in more than one place and I wondered if they had been brought over by boat from a Swiss chalet some 40-50 years ago!   They did not speak to me on any level and I had no desire to do anything with them so they went up to our space at Unhinged where they hung on the wall waiting for the perfect buyer.  You know the old saying…”One man’s junk…”

Sandra_before chairs

Enter Sandra and Robby!  Sandra had found me on line and contacted me about a commission to paint two funky chairs and a table for her kitchen.  You guessed it… she had bought those chairs!  I had to laugh!  They were back in my studio and the challenge was on!

Armed with her color scheme, and the idea that she wanted a flower on the seat of the chair, she brought the little darlings in along with the table, and the transformation began.  Robby had a special teapot lamp that he wanted to put on that table so it was going to have to match the new chairs.

before table

After several repairs and the magic of Wood Icing  (great stuff) to fill in the large chunk of missing wood from what had to be the teeth of a large dog, Sandra’s vision began to unfold.



I have to admit, the style of these chairs were just perfect for what she envisioned!


(I even started to really like them!)


And how cute is Robby’s table?!

©Table after

Even the stripes on the lamp got a make-over.

teapot lamp


So there you have it.  Nothing a little paint and creativity can’t fix!


Thank you Sandra and Robby for sharing your vision.  I’m glad together we were able to give new life to these little charming chairs!

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I will help you do it yourself or do it for you!

Rosie Girl!

My Thursday Morning Delight!

Meet Rosemarie.  She sometimes paints with me on Thursday mornings.  Not only do I get to enjoy her company, but she brings me breakfast!  I make coffee, she brings a fresh muffin and strawberries.   It’s become our routine and I look forward to it every week.  Together we paint and nosh as we unlock her hidden – or really, I should say suppressed talents.  She’s a very talented artist.  She just needed a little confidence boost and a few tips on how to make her brush sing a little louder.


I have not seen a picture of this table finished but she got a great start on it over here.  I showed her my quick, fun way of painting roses.  She added black and white stripes around the edge and painted the legs of her table black.

Pictures of the finished piece, please… Rosemarie!


This is a cute little plant stand she worked on.  It came out beautiful!


I love this little sewing cabinet.  My favorite color… BLACK!

RM Sew1

Take note of the loose, swirly brush strokes.  She’s relaxing and painting with her arm now, confident and deliberate.

RM Sew2

Yep… that brush is singing now!

1 RM

I’m so proud of her and so happy to know her!  You go… Rosie girl!

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Nora’s Painted Stools

I have had the pleasure of spending a delightful time with Nora and her charming wit and sense of humor ~ not once, but twice!  I hope she will find more projects to haul over.  I really enjoyed our time together!

Her project was a plain, wooden stool but she knew what she wanted.  A fan of MacKenzie-Childs, she had some checks and stripes in mind and was thinking about adding a decal of a hydrangea to the center. I knew I loved her spirit when I suggested that we toss the decal out (nice as it was), and paint our own hydrangea. She did not hesitate or even give the idea a second thought!  Fearless!  My kind of gal!

We first painted the entire stool with two coats of Amy Howard One-Step “Linen” paint.


 Then Nora painted checks with Amy Howard One-Step “Hugo”.  We dry-brushed over that with a light coat of the Linen color and let it dry.


Next we tackled leaves – something Nora says she has trouble with, but look…!


moving onto the hydrangea…


Look at her go!

Nora 5

Decal?… what decal!

Let’s finish off with some colorful stripes!


She liked it so much she brought in the other one for us to paint…

along with a bagel and cream cheese!

Thanks Nora!  Serious good fun!!

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Recycled Table Pet Beds

Here’s a great idea that is by no means my original.  I stumbled upon it online and if I could remember exactly where I’d gladly give the originator due credit.  I showed it to Eddie and he became immediately inspired.  He kept coming home with these little tables, each one holding more promise than the other, of becoming a magnificent doggie bed.  Scary… he’s turning into a cleaver carpenter, right before my eyes!  Even scarier…a musician using power tools! (careful with those chops, babe – we need ‘em)


So one by one, these upside-down-repurposed tables-turned-dog-beds began stacking up in my studio, and every time he’d come in, he’d say, “We need to get these dog beds painted”.  Oh… do “we” now?!  Not only did they need paint, but “we” had to sew little pillow-like mattresses for them!  So who’s having the most creative fun here?


Anyway, I’m really proud of him and really REALLY happy they are all finally painted and out of my studio.  They did turn out pretty cute and hopefully they will make nice, decorative beds for four little pampered four-legged creatures.  Maybe these examples will inspire someone else to make one.


This was our first attempt before we started finding the right sized tables to recycle.  Eddie crafted this one from scratch using plywood we had lying around in combination with other wood and table legs from the lumber section of Lowes.  It turned out beautiful, but is very expensive to make this way.  Much easier and way more fun with cheap old discarded tables.


Fabulous coordinating bed linens, don’t you think?


So REGAL!~  fit for a King (or Queen)

The following three were made from yard sale tables.

©woof_beforeMy what a little paint and custom bedding can do!


The bone on the headboard is ready to add a pooche’s name. Cute, huh?

I love this one.  It turned out so prissy and decorator-ish!


You may have noticed how he cuts the legs down off the fronts and reuses them as feet on the bottom.  I know…cleaver man, isn’t he?


Last but not least, this big chunk of a guy…


I was a little worried when he brought this big boy home from a yard sale but he did turn out kinda cool.  We found a cabinet door that fit perfectly for the headboard and gave him a handsome paint job and some mighty spiffy bed linens.  I see a French Bull dog or perhaps, just for giggles, maybe a little Yorkie!

I hope you are inspired to make one of your own, but if not, come on over and buy one of these already made!

Because now… “we”  need to sell them!!

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Contact me if you are interested.  Custom orders available also.