Just a quick little before and after.  My mom gave me these old wicker stack tables.  They begged to be bright and colorful!


I used Amy Howard at Home spray lacquer Belize, Easton Green and Kumquat.  Love how bright, cheery and durable they are now!


And as long as we’re on the subject of bright, cheery, happy lacquer colors, why not go from ordinary…


…to WOW!


Love the gorgeous shine of this easy to use spray lacquer paint!


This was a horrible old brass lamp that I got for $3.00 at a thrift store!!  FABULOUS now!


Head out and find something fun to make-over with this amazing spray paint!

Luscious colors! (I sell it at my studio)

sig-swirl gr


I forgot to take a before picture of this beautiful set but I think you can picture the dark wood finish indicative of this era.


Dresser set

The style and decor on these pieces, just begged for two-tone detail, don’t you think?  I used Amy Howard at Home One-Step paint in Hugo Grey and Linen.


Then just for a little pizzaz, I added Pearl Shell Mica Powder to the clear wax.


 I just love the grey and white combination enhanced by the gold handles… so elegant!

Want to do it yourself?  It’s fun and easy.  I’ll show you how!

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How many of these are you seeing out there lately?  No one seems to want them anymore! The sad condition of this poor worn out lady would have been enough to make anyone pass her by :~(

Sewing mach before

Richard and Cindy, over at Resale Factory Outlet in Casselberry, were kind enough to give me two of them.  I sold one before I got a chance to paint it, and this one is back over at their store displaying my studio information.  Thanks you guys!  I love their store – filled to the brim with lots of goodies in need of a new home and some in need of a good facelift.  Visit often or check out the ever-changing inventory on their Facebook page.  And did I mention how really, really nice they are?!!


I used Amy Howard At Home One-Step Paint in Selznick Grey.  The diamonds were done with metallic gold and bronze paints.


Just to dress her up a bit, I glued on this little decorative do-dad from the craft store.



So the next time you see one – grab it!  They are perfect for a bedside or end table.


You can do this yourself.  I promise!  Amy Howard One Step paint.  Call me.  I’ll help!

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It’s been several months now, since the opening of UNHINGED.  I know… hard to believe I am just getting around to talking about this!  If you haven’t been there yet, and are looking for some great antiques or interesting pieces to paint, you need to pop in.  It’s owned by the same guys that own ADJECTIVES and anything they do is fabulous.  Everyone in the ADJECTIVES family ~ well, they are just peeps you want to be associated with…they’re great!

Unlike Adjectives, this place is filled with unfinished furniture that you can buy to paint yourself or if you’d rather not mess with that, the dealers will paint it for you.  I thought it would be a great to not only store and sell the furniture I have not yet restored,  but a good place to advertise my own studio and custom work – and so far, it has been!  Last month I started giving a few workshops over there as well.


Not exactly an original idea, but I picked up this headboard at Habitat for Humanity for 15 bucks!  It makes a great sign for my little space, don’t ‘ya think?


 Had a great time expressing myself on this old door, also from Habitat.


So whenever you are on the hunt for something unique to rescue and restore, head on over and check out UNHINGED!


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June & July Workshops


Basic One-Step Furniture Painting

Beyond Basic One-Step Furniture Painting

Ornament For Painted Furniture

Whimsical, Funky Furniture Painting

Lamp Revamp

Paint Your Chair Affair

Paper Collage

Please email or call 321-972-1941 • 407-353-4323 for workshop reservations

Gift Certificates available here

Private parties and groups welcome!

For more information please email or call me 

321-972-1941 • 407-353-4323

1 Studio Map sm

Joyce Shelton Studio • 122 Live Oak Blvd., • Casselberry, FL 32707

In the Live Oaks Commerce Center directly across from the Post Office.

Dressing Table Make-Over


This is one of my my most recent client make-overs.  An absolutely beautiful old dressing table that had been in my client’s family for years. Thank you Linda!  She knew what she wanted so it was a joy to see her ideas come to fruition and so fulfilling to see how happy she was when she came to get it. Ahh… what a little paint can do!

Do you have a forgotten piece with a checkered past in need of a make-over?

1 before

I almost forgot to take a before picture.  She came to me in separate pieces and was on her side when I remembered to snap this.

2 thistle detail

In honor of Linda’s heritage and love for the MacKenzie Child’s thistle, we made a point of adding one to the drawer front.

3 mirror detail

Such beautiful detail on the mirror… begging for gilding.

4 mirror posts

and who could resist a spindle or two for a pop of color?  Certainly, not I!



 Thanks again Linda, for this creative opportunity!

Do you have a special piece that old Aunt Agnes gave you?  Something you dug out of Grandma’s attic?  Or maybe you just found out you are having a boy and the only nursery furniture you have is for a girl!  Whatever the case, I welcome the opportunity to restore it to something you love or help you do it yourself at one of my Open Studio sessions.

Call 321-972-1941 for an appointment, or drop me a line!

For other examples, please look here.

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Amy Howard Spray Lacquer

“Rescue, Restore, Redecorate!”

Thrift store makeover

I needed a table and chairs for the hospitality area of my studio so I picked up this little gem at my local Habitat For Humanity Restore.  Love that place!  It’s a little hard to see in this before photo, but it was painted with about 3 different shades of ugly, grey house paint.

1before table

I knew it would make a perfect example for the fabulous Amy Howard High Performance Furniture Lacquer spray paint.

And indeed, it did!

Rattan before_after

I can’t say enough about how wonderful this paint is!  It goes on easily and painlessly, although when you do a project this large in one afternoon, a blister on your forefinger might just happen to appear… just sayin’…

but look at this gorgeous sheen!  Both beautiful and durable!


You will not find a spray lacquer that will achieve this fabulous look in the paint department of any of the big box stores.

Although I don’t love to sew, I didn’t mind breaking out the old Singer to make these new cushions.  I couldn’t be happier with the end result!  There’s such satisfaction in redecorating with rescued pieces!


This color is Citron to match the accent colors in the studio ~ Green, in most any shade, just happens to be my favorite color (in case you hadn’t noticed)

It looks great in my front room and as predicted, it functions well as the perfect table and chairs for a little nosh with my workshop guests.

lunch group

I know, this really has nothing to do with this post, but I had to share the cuteness!


Meet my adorable grand-daughter, Avery~ seems the green apple did not fall far from the tree!

Anyway, the paint comes in 17 luscious colors and 4 metallics.  Great stuff, $19.00 -$22.00 per can and there is also a spray primer if you need it to cover dark furniture first.  For more examples and tips on how to use this paint, visit Amy herself at her blog: Amy Howard Daily.

If you live in the Orlando area, come visit my studio.  I sell Amy Howard products and we do some fun workshops too!

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Studio Play Date 3/2

Welcome again, friends and friends of friends!

14 today-largest group yet!!  All set up and ready to go… one more time!

all set upWhat was I thinking?!  I knew scheduling four open house studio play-dates, two weekends in a row could possibly be a tad over-ambitious, but never did I expect to be this exhausted!  After cleaning up Saturday’s party and setting up for Sunday’s event, I went home thinking, there’s no way I can do this again tomorrow!!  

But it seems once I turn the key and enter this wonderful space, I am instantly energized!

Time to rally!

2 Aprons on, paint brushes in hand, well, that’s all I need- I am instantly revived!

Meet kindred spirit Pilar and her beautiful daughters Angela and Melissa.


and her good friend, Chris

Chris(now, also my new best friend!)  Chris had such a good time she wants to volunteer over here!  It was a pleasure to get to know you, Chris and I’ll be taking you up on that generous offer!

Melissa & coAngela, Melissa and her friend Dee.  Nothing like a good chat while engrossed in creativity!

collage photoDee and Cheryl… deep in concentration, then there’s Barbie and Sandy!

My very dear friend and CPA, Christy – blessed with both sides of the brain… I know!…
How is that possible!?

Christy_JeanneThanks for making the trek from Mt. Dora on a Sunday and for bringing your friend Jeanne!

Sally_GaySally you are adorable!  Another dear friend of many years, skilled in both creativity and math.  I’m in awe!  Thank you for bringing your friend, Gay and our friend, Cheryl!

You know you’ve got good friends when two of your most talented artist buddies show up!

Carolyn_VickiThank you for coming, Carolyn and Vicki!

Lunch Break!


lunch 2

Ok, back to work!

Back to work1

back to work2

No one  gets out of here before the group picture!

groupCheryl, Sally, Gay, Me, Chris, Christy, Pilar, Melissa, Angela, Jeanne, Dee, Sandy, Barbie, Carolyn,Vicki

Whew!  Thank you all for coming!  I hope you will come back for more and help me spread the word.  I just want to continue to share my knowledge and my space and have a good time.

After these two weekends of fellowship and creativity, I’m pretty sure it can happen!

linda_meA special thanks to my wonderful friend Linda who worked her butt off filling paint trays, changing dirty water, laying out the food and refreshments and helping me to clean up and set up four of these events, two weekends in a row!!  Still making memories after all these years!

sig-swirl gr