30/30 Challenge – Day 20


Cold wax and oil on cradled board

Today, realizing the importance of getting into a sketchbook habit, I’ve started my own personal challenge – allowing myself to “play” like THIS everyday!


My favorite quote from Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

This seemed a fitting first page for this sketchbook kick-off.


And I couldn’t help fitting in a little mindless scribble!

sig-swirl gr

30/30 Challenge

Painting with BJ

I just spent two fabulous days with dear friend BJ Lantz, painting in my studio!  You can see her beautiful work here. Thank you, Beej, for sharing with me, the wonderful technique of painting with cold wax and oils.

cold wax progression

 Luscious layers of rich colors – lots of history in these little pieces.  They never end up the way they start!


 More… I want to do more!!

sig-swirl gr

30/30 Challenge – Day 11

It may seem as though I’ve fallen off the daily wagon, so-to-speak, but trust me, I’ve been at it every day!  It’s just hard to call something finished when you want to obliterate most of it and go at it some more!



Plenty of obliterating yet to be done here, but there you have it!

sig-swirl gr

30/30 Challenge – Day 8


Today I am grateful I painted two yesterday.  No free time today.  It’s so much nicer to do two of these at the same time.  You get the benefit of toggling back and forth, allowing for drying time and a fresher eye.  Also helped that I had only 2 hours to paint yesterday!  Note to self… time crunch works – less time to over-work it!



Actually, they look quite nice as a pair!


sig-swirl gr

30/30 Challenge – Day 5



If I had to come up with a title for this I would have to call it “Ode to Audrey”.  I’m a little too tired after 4 days of the workshop to get into too much thoughtful description here, but suffice it to say, I feel I am totally on my way to loosening up and finding my voice after this FABULOUS 4 days with Audrey Phillips in her shake-it up abstract painting workshop! I had a personal breakthrough in this one single painting today.  I changed the progression of what was surely becoming an overworked mess to something I might actually end up liking – maybe a little!?

The painting below was how I started… in my usual way, thinking and planning in my head that this was going to be an abstract-realism painting of trees, woods, maybe water – something somewhat identifiable.  As it began to become tedious and overworked, I put it aside and worked on something else for a while.  (My old self would have dumped it in the trash and started over on something else, by the way!)


When I got back to it, all I wanted to do was wipe out any pre-conceived notion of a scene.  So I did!  And then it happened!  All by itself!  Yes… I need more of this – I need to stop “illustrating” stop over thinking and start painting from my own voice! (I’ll let you know when I find that!)  I know now, that if I just keep moving, it will appear.

Thank you Audrey for injecting just enough information and guidance, introducing new tools and suggesting ways to relax, think and work more intuitively.  You have re-entered my life, old friend, at just the most serendipitous time!  There’s that wonderful word that I love so much!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

sig-swirl gr